The Be Well Hearing Clinic

We hold a bi-monthly hearing clinics that offers an opportunity for consultation with our visiting audiology team. We offer professional hearing test assessment by a visiting audiologist and we also have a specialist technician for servicing of hearing aid devices.

Specialists are available to discuss recommendations for new hearing aids and can provide a test device that you may take away and use for a trial period at home so that you can check its comfort and assess the benefits in your regular surroundings.

Our experienced audiologists are also trained to work with children and provide a comfortable and safe environment for them during the hearing test. We can help advise on a range of hearing aid devices specifically designed for kids, and our specialists can provide recommendations on the best options available based on their specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that your child receives the best possible care for their hearing needs.

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When booking an appointment, please let us know what service you are looking for so we can suggest the best time to attend the clinic.

Fees & ServicesStandardMember
Audiology assessment / hearing testTHB 650THB 500
Service of hearing aid device (per customer)THB 450THB 300
Wax removal by suctioning (per ear)THB 600THB 500

To make an appointment please call 02 111 6644 during clinic hours or contact us by email, click HERE

Please note that this is a visiting specialist clinic and our cancellation policy applies to these appointments. (for details see here)