The Partners

The partners in Be Well Medical Center Co Ltd are:

Manussawee (“Aun”) Emanuel
Director, BNS, general practitioner nurse and managing partner responsible for patient liaison & external communication

Aun is a graduate of the Red Cross faculty of nursing at the Chulalongkorn University. She is also trained as a lab assistant. She started her career at the Amara children clinic in Bangkok as general nurse. Thereafter she joined the Surawong Medical Clinic which specializes in dermatology and sexual diseases. Aun worked for more than 15 years as general practitioner nurse and clinic manager.

Dr. Mowae Apisuttipanya
MD, General Practitioner  (Dr. Mowae is available for consultation: Sunday to Thursday every week)

Dr. Mowae is an ethnic Karen. During his early childhood the Karen community was heavily suppressed by the dictatorial military regime and many families had to flee to survive. Dr. Mowae and his family crossed the border to Thailand where they started a new life in refugee camps. Speaking no Thai and with limited schooling in the camp Mowae had to first learn Thai in the temple before gaining entry into the Thai educational system and later obtaining Thai nationality.

Mowae was an excellent student and after an accelerated career through high school he attended the Asian Pacific International University in Saraburi, graduating with honours as a Bachelor in Bioscience. As a bioscientist he undertook research in the field of microbiology, specialising in gene isolation in food-poisoning bacteria. However, his real passion was to become a medical doctor, so Mowae went to the Philippines where he subsequently graduated as Medical Doctor at the Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Medicine in Manila.

Returning to Thailand, Dr. Mowae obtained his full accreditation as Thai medical practitioner after an internship at the Lerdsin hospital, Bangkok. Prior to joining Be Well, Dr. Mowae worked as OPD General Practitioner in a range of private hospitals including Petcharavej Hospital, Navamin 9 hospital and Kasemrad Ramkamheang hospital, during which time he also undertook various courses to prepare for the position of Family Doctor.

Dr Mowae joined Be Well Medical Center in the summer of 2020 and became a partner and shareholder in September 2021.

Dr. Paemika Pidchayathanakorn
MD, MBA, BNS, general practitioner and managing partner medical affairs
(Dr. Paemika is available for consultation: Tuesday to Saturday every week)

Dr. Paemika started her career after graduating with two bachelor’s degrees in nursing and midwifery from the Boromarajonani College and the Prince Of Songkla University. She worked at the emergency department of the Uthumphornpisai Hospital and served 5 years as home care medical service provider. In 2008 she received her MBA degree at the Asian University, a study she completed alongside her medical career.
Paemika gained extensive experience as a general practitioner nurse and operational manager when she was working at the Koh Tao International Clinic.
After 15 years working and studying in Thailand, she decided to move to the Philippines to further her studies. Here she studied medicines at the Emilio Aguinaldo Medical College while continuing part-time work. After receiving her MD degree she moved back to Thailand to complete her internships at the Lerdsin hospital in Bangkok where she obtained her full Thai licenses as a physician. To further familiarize herself with the European concept of family medicines Dr. Paemika spent time as an observer at the Driebergen MC in the Netherlands.

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