Be Well MC’s core objective is to be “the first point of call” for your family’s health care.

Our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other medical staff will offer a broad range of primary care services at the center and through telephone consultations 7 days a week, from 8am – 6pm on weekdays and 10am – 4pm at weekends. In addition, house calls will be provided every day & night.

All patients are welcome during the opening hours of our clinic however, our full range of services is available to registered patients (“Members”) only. Proximity is important for providing adequate medical care at your location. We can therefore only service Members living within an approx. 20 minute drive from the clinic. We can make exceptions for patients living just outside this area but for house calls an additional charge will apply.

You can become a Be Well Member by registering at our center.  The registration procedure will include filling in a questionnaire, an intake consultation and basic medical tests executed by one of our doctors. To provide patients with efficient and effective medical care, it is important we possess your up to date medical records. Once the registration process is complete, we provide you with your personal ‘medical passport’. This would be helpful if emergency treatment was required when outside Hua Hin.

Be Well Members are eligible for special privileges and reductions at our center, as well as at certain other health service & product providers.

Be Well Medical Center will closely cooperate with leading secondary care providers for patients requiring additional specialized examination, treatment or hospitalization. We will select, with your input, the qualified specialist or hospital, provide them with a referral note (with our diagnosis and your medical records), make an appointment and arrange adequate post-treatment follow-up. If necessary we could also arrange for a ‘second opinion’.

For sake of clarity: Be Well Medical Center does not have a trauma center nor do we provide emergency room services such as x-ray. For major events such as suspected broken bones, sudden and severe shortness of breath or chest pain, strokes and snake bites we recommend you approach the emergency department of a nearby hospital or call 1669. You can call us for recommendation, referral, arrangements and/or follow-up, but the patient would have to go directly to the hospital.