Our physiotherapists work very closely with our medical doctors in diagnosis and the development of treatment plans relating to all types of sports injuries, rehabilitation needs and preventative care.

The Be Well team strongly believes in the effectiveness of manual treatment and exercise therapies, supported by ultra-sound and electro-therapies when needed.

Our physiotherapists can help you to regain your strength, co-ordination, balance and confidence after things like back surgery, hip replacement, strokes and general weakness for any reason.

Therapy sessions take place in the large rehabilitation room on the second floor of Be Well Medical Center, under the direct supervision of our physiotherapists, Goong and Da

In many cases this type of intensive therapy would normally only take place in hospitals but now Be Well brings this service into the community.

If you are interested in having physical rehabilitation with us or would simply like to find out if you’d benefit, please contact us: 02 111 6644 or by email.

Appointments are available: Every day.

Physiotherapy Pricelist

Please note that our cancellation policy applies to these appointments. (for details see here)

Physio treatments:StandardMembers
Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 860THB 600
Physiotherapy 90 minsTHB 1,200THB 900
10+1 sessions Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 8,000THB 6,000
10+1 sessions Physiotherapy 90 minsTHB 12,000THB 9,000
5 sessions Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 3,700THB 2,800
5 sessions Physiotherapy 90 minsTHB 5,700THB 4,300
Physiotherapy house call 1 hour-THB 1,500
Kinesio Tape (Small)THB 120THB 100
Kinesio Tape (Large)THB 220THB 200