Our physiotherapists, supported by our doctors, provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services related to sports injuries, rehabilitation, spine, muscle, joint pain & osteoarthritis, etc.

The Be Well physiotherapy department provides a range of diagnostic & treatment services for injury management, rehabilitation and preventive care. Our team has a strong belief in the effectiveness of manual treatment and exercise therapies. Nevertheless, we do use supportive ultra-sound and electro therapies. Our physiotherapists work closely together with our medical doctors on diagnosis and developing treatment procedures.

The physiotherapy department is headed by Ms Chorpaka Kongkarien

Physiotherapy Pricelist

Physio treatments:StandardMembers
Physiotherapy follow up 60 minsTHB 800THB 600
Physiotherapy follow up 90 minsTHB 1,200THB 900
10+1 sessions Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 8,000THB 6,000
10+1 sessions Physiotherapy 90 minsTHB 12,000THB 9,000
5 sessions Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 3,700THB 2,800
5 sessions Physiotherapy 90 minsTHB 5,700THB 4,300
Physiotherapy initial 90 minsTHB 1,200THB 900
Physiotherapy 30 minsTHB 400THB 300
Physio Express (15 mins)THB 250THB 200
Physiotherapy house call 1 hour-THB 1,500
Kinesio Tape (Small)THB 120THB 100
Kinesio Tape (Large)THB 220THB 200