Medical Services

Our doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will provide a range of primary care services such as:

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General diagnostics
Many of the commonest blood and urine tests are available in our on-site laboratory. For other tests we can arrange for analysis.
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Health Checks
Personal Health checks plus health checks for insurance, work permit, etc.
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A full range of adult and childhood vaccines are available.
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Common Diseases
Treatment of common diseases & skin problems.
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Chronic Diseases
Ongoing treatment & supervision of long-term illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and others.
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Treatment Following Minor Accidents
Such as suturing and general wound care etc.
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Medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.
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Emergency House Calls
Emergency house calls when the clinic is closed
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Dietary & nutritional advice.
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Advisory & Referral
Selection of specialists and/or hospitals for specialized tests e.g. scans, outpatient treatment or hospitalization. We will also provide referral notes, make appointments and arrange post-treatment follow-up.
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Home Care
Daytime home care services including medical treatment, nursing, and physiotherapy for patients unable to come to the clinic.
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Phone and e-mail consultation
For some minor issues or if you are not able to come to the clinic you might prefer to contact us by phone or email. For emails please allow up to 24 hours response time.
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