Specialty Clinics

At the Be Well Medical Center we currently run special clinics in the following areas:

These clinics cover the management of medical problems within primary care but with the involvement of relevant hospital specialists. For more details of each clinic scroll below or click on the links in the list above.

Seminar Events

We schedule lunchtime seminars on special topics from time to time. These seminars are open to all Be Well Members and non-members. The seminars last for about 30 minutes and include a lunch and the chance to ask questions to the expert speaker after the presentation.

The next planned seminar topic is:  Relaxation Techniques, by our visiting psychologist Dr. Mallika Meinhold and Dr. Eckhard Maskos, retired anesthetist and member of the Be Well Advisory Committee. Further details are to be announced soon.

Orthopaedic Clinic

Our orthopaedic / joint-pain clinic is specifically aimed at conditions of the muscles and joints, and runs two times every month on a Wednesday afternoon.

Dr Prach, a visiting orthopaedic specialist will be available to address the primary care management of conditions such as: back pain, shoulder, hip or knee pain, sports injuries and other painful or problematic conditions of the joints and muscles.

Please note that because Be Well Medical Center does not have x-ray facilities this clinic is not designed to address problems resulting from recent traumatic injuries.

The next Orthopaedic Clinic will be held on the afternoon of:  Wednesday 25th November.

The price for a consultation with our visiting specialist is THB 650 for Members. (The standard non-member price is THB 800.)

To reserve an appointment please call the clinic on 02-111-6644 or contact us by email.

Psychological Wellness Clinic

Health psychologist & psychotherapist Dr Mallika Meinhold comes to the Be Well Medical Center as a visiting counsellor on a twice-monthly basis. The next visits are scheduled for: November 22 & 23.

Dr. Mallika is general practitioner health psychologist. She is bilingual, having been born in Great Britain and growing up in Germany, and has broad experience in psychotherapy/counselling (psychodynamic) and relaxation techniques.  She can help with psychological, psychosomatic and chronic disease symptoms (e.g. chronic pain), anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, addiction, stress related ailments (e.g. hypertension/tension headache), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), adjustment as well as multi-racial relationship issues.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Mallika by contacting us by phone (02 111 6644) or by email.

For a 50-minutes session a fee of THB 2,200 (THB 2,500 for non-Members) is applicable.

A 5-session package is available for a reduced fee of THB 10,000 (THB 11,000 for non-Members).

Hearing Clinic

Every other month we hold a hearing clinic offering the opportunity for consultation with our visiting audiology team. We offer professional hearing test assessment by a visiting audiologist and we also have a specialist technician for servicing of hearing aid devices.

Specialists are available to discuss recommendations for new hearing aids and can provide a test device that you may take away and use for a trial period at home so that you can check its comfort and assess the benefits in your regular surroundings.

The next clinic is scheduled for: Wednesday 13 January 2021

To make a reservation please call 02 111 6644 or contact us by email.

 Member PriceStandard Price
Audiology assessment / hearing testTHB 500THB 650
Service of hearing aid device (per customer)THB 300THB 450
Wax removal by suctioning (per ear)THB 300THB 430


Urology Clinic

Following the success of our seminar on Prostate Health by Dr Isares, Urology Specialist of Samitivej Hospital, Bangkok, we shall host a quarterly clinic for new patients and follow-up patients. The date of the next urology clinic is:  to be confirmed

For enquiries or to reserve an appointment please call the clinic on 02-111-6644 or contact us by email.