The physiotherapy and sports rehab team at strongly believes in the effectiveness of manual treatment and exercise therapies, supported by ultra-sound and electro-therapies when needed.

Our physiotherapists work very closely with our medical doctors in diagnosis and the development of treatment plans relating to all types of sports injuries, rehabilitation needs and preventative care.

Our physiotherapists can help you to regain your strength, co-ordination, balance and confidence after things like back surgery, hip replacement, strokes and general weakness for any reason.

Therapy sessions take place in the large rehabilitation room on the second floor of our BelVida Estates, former Banyan Residences Villas Clinic, under the direct supervision of our physiotherapists, Goong and Da.

Physiotherapy & sports rehab at Be Well Hua Hin

In many cases this type of intensive physiotherapy and sports rehab would normally only take place in hospitals but now Be Well brings this service into the community.  If you are interested in having physical rehabilitation with us or would simply like to find out if you’d benefit, please contact us: 02 111 6644 or by email.

Appointments are available: Every day.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is a effective and safe therapy for people who have chronic pain and repetitive injury.  This type of therapy has it’s advantages as it is non-invasive and painless, anesthestic and side effect free.  Shock wave therapy applies low-energy shock waves to the affected areas and leads to a cavitation effect. This area will become slightly inflamed which promotes blood flow and circulation therefore speeding up the healing process.

This type of therapy treats chronic pain in the shoulder and back, heel and elbow.  Conditions that can be treated are tennis and golf elbow, tibia stress syndrome and achilles tendonitis to name a few.

Physiotherapy & sports rehab at Be Well Hua Hin
Physiotherapy & sports rehab at Be Well Hua Hin
Physiotherapy & sports rehab at Be Well Hua Hin

Insole Fittings & Sales

During a rehabilitation or physiotherapy treatment, our physiotherapists will notice some misalignments within the body which is causing pain and discomfort. This is where getting fitted for the right insole may potentially ease some problems.

Our physiotherapists are trained to be able to understand and advise you on the best fit for you.  We can fit the correct insole that suits your lifestyle whether you are playing sport, where they can increase performance and potentially reduce injuries, to normal everyday activity by providing more comfort and stability.

Currex Insoles are our preferred brand.  German designed, they can instantly improve any shoe, delivering more support and comfort. We use a Foot Disc to understand your footprint which allows us to customize the fit.  We have 3 types of insoles, each insole having a different shape, arch support and flex

  • Edgepro  insoles are great for hikers and golfers as it gives firm support.
  • Runpro insoles will help to maintain good foot posture which in turn enhances your body’s ability to absorb shock whilst running or walking.
  • Activepro insoles are great for everyday use giving you amazing support and stability. Great for people who have a busy lifestyle, go to the gym or play sport on hard surfaces like tennis or squash.
Currex Insoles at Be Well
Currex Insoles at Be Well
Currex Insoles at Be Well

Physiotherapy Pricelist

Physio TreatmentsStandardMembers
Physiotherapy 60 minsTHB 900THB 700
Physiotherapy House Call 1 hourTHB 1500
Shockwave Treatment 1,000 ShotsTHB 600THB 400
Shockwave Treatment 1,500 ShotsTHB 800THB 600
Shockwave Treatment 2,000 ShotsTHB 1000THB 800
Kinesio Tape (Small)THB 120THB 100
Kinesio Tape (Large)THB 220THB 200
Insole Fitting & SalesTHB 2000THB 2000

Please note that our cancellation policy applies to these appointments. (for details see here)