The Be Well Child Care Foundation (BWCCF) was founded to enable us to support children within Thailand that need urgent medical care. Click HERE for more information about the BWCCF and you can follow the progress of the children that the BWCCF supports here.



Uno was one year old when we received an application for support. He is a Karen refugee with VACTERL Association Syndrome. After 2 surgeries Uno’s health continues to improve.

To read about Uno and his progress : Click HERE

Duo was a 4 year old boy who was needing treatment for a kidney disorder.  He has had a kidney biopsy and is currently receiving medication for his condition.

To read about Duo and his progress : Click HERE

Trio, whilst fleeing from her home fell and suffered a broken left distal ulnar and radius which healed incorrectly and needed surgery to correct the malfunction.

To read about Trio and her progress : Click HERE

Quatro has been diagnosed with a congenital ocular anomaly in her left eye and is totally blind in right eye.

To read about Quatro : Click HERE

Cinco, of the Karen Hill Tribe has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung Disease.

To read about Cinco and his progress : Click HERE

The Be Well Medical Advisory Team are currently reviewing an application for a child needing sponsorship. The application is for a 12 year old girl from Ratchaburi.  Born to Karen parents who live on the border in the Ratchaburi area, she walks to and from the Thai border to school every day. She sustained a eye injury while walking to school through the jungle.  She has a cornea and retina injury that has not been properly fixed due to the poor health care offered to children of Karen descent.

Since the border has closed due to COVID-19 and political instability, her parents brought her and her two sisters to the Bamboo school so that she can continue her education.

About the Bamboo School Thailand

Mrs Riley, who has been doing this for over 25 years with minimal support, feeds and educates, cares and gives love to orphaned or abandoned children and is extremely committed to them.   The commitment of this remarkable 72 year old is staggering, as she currently has approximately 60 children, aged between 1 and 18 years of age at the school. The children that grow up in the school go on to become translators, nurses and doctors who give their time back to the school once they have finished their education. Click HERE to read about the amazing work at the Bamboo School Thailand.

If you wish to contribute to the Be Well Child Care Foundation, that would be most welcome.  You can either transfer to our bank account (listed below) or make a credit card or cash donation at the clinic. Amounts over THB 5000 will receive a Be Well Child Care Foundation Polo Shirt to show our appreciation.

Bank : Kasikorn Bank

Account Name :  Be Well Medical Center Foundation

Account number : 131-1-48292-7