Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits Include:

Access to the full range of medical services available at the center, including phone & email consultations during opening hours (free up to 4 times per year), house visits in day-time and emergency calls at night at discounted fees |See Fees

Intake and annual health checks

The intake health check will include:

  • basic blood and urine tests (complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, urine analysis, BUN, creatinine, Lipid profile, SGPT, SGOT, blood group)
  • Physical examination and review of your medical history by our doctor
  • ECG

Depending on results of the basic tests, and or your medical history, our doctors may recommend additional examinations or tests. These could be at the clinic or elsewhere. In such case, additional charges may apply. We would provide you with a quotation beforehand.

Your medical record will be filed in our secure computer system.

The annual health check will be similar to the intake health check but will exclude an ECG unless there is a medical indication.

Discount on medicines and medical supplies provided at the clinic.

A range of benefits and discounts provided by Be Well partner organizations.

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