Living Will Service at Be Well

A Living Will, also called a directive to physicians or advance directive, is a legally binding document that states your wishes for end-of-life medical care, in case you become unable to communicate your decisions.

In your Living Will you can request doctors to refrain from applying certain life sustaining treatments in order to avoid unnecessary suffering or futile extension of life.

A Living Will is only activated when you are deemed terminally ill by a treating physician. Terminally ill means that you have a life-limiting medical condition that no longer can be treated effectively.

A Living Will isn’t just for older adults. Unexpected end-of-life situations can happen at any age, so it’s advisable for all adults to prepare this document.

What are the legal requirements?

You can draft a legally binding Living Will by completing the template.  To enforce the Living Will most hospitals prefer the document to be signed by one of the Be Well Doctors, a Public Notary (as a first witness) and a second witness, preferably being the legal next of kin (e.g. the spouse or adult children).

To facilitate drawing up your Living Will hassle free, we have invited Lawyer/Public Notary, Mrs Kantee Isareenuruk, to sign and stamp your document at our center.

Once you are at the center, you will sign two originals, keep one and we keep the other in file. We both make digital copies for distribution. If and when required we would send your Living Will to the hospital, clinic or physician where you would receive end-of-life care.

Application and Appointment Process

This service at Be Well is being offered exclusively to members. If you would like to proceed to let us set up your Living Will download the template. If you have problems downloading, send us a email and we will email the document to you.

Fill out the template, then email us to let us know that you want to make an appointment. We will let you know your appointment time. You will be required to bring to the appointment your passport and the template, without signatures, as that needs to be done in front of the Lawyer and your witness must be present with you.

The service charge is THB 1200.

Patients who prefer discussing the medical contents of the Living Will with one of our Doctors should make a separate appointment prior to seeing the Lawyer. The usual doctor consultation fee would be applicable.

Our Recommendations

We recommend you renew your Living Will after 3 years as some hospitals have a rule that the document should not be older than 3 years.

It’s also in your best interests that you distribute a copy of your signed Living Will to close family members and friends and instruct them to send the Living Will to the  carers when an end-of-life situation occurs since they may hear about the situation earlier than Be Well. You could also opt to send a copy to (the) hospital(s) you frequently visit.

Contact Us

We have complied a list of frequently asked questions that our members have asked which may answer your questions; click here or if you wish to contact us you can reach us by email or call us on 02 111 6644.

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