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Quatro: The Back Story

Quatro’s mother, who is of Karen descent, abandoned her after birth in June 2013 in a toilet bowl. Luckily she was found by Lerwathoo, a student of the Bamboo School and was rescued by Catherine Riley Bryan, known as Momo Cat. On 16/6/2013, with the permission of her uncle, she was taken to the district government hospital by Momo Cat and was told nothing could be done to her eyes. Catherine took her to the Mission Hospital in Bangkok to see Dr. Yupin, an Eye specialist, where the first surgery was done. Quatro was only 10 days old.

Six weeks after the surgery her left eye started twitching and the eyeball started a constant roll. A second surgical procedure was done however her left retina was damaged. She was admitted again, treated and was told her right eye was completely blind and her left eye would only have minimal vision. The eye specialist advised them to wait until she is a bit older and a cornea transplant will be done. In October 2022 Catherine noticed her vision blurring. Quatro was seen by a visiting ophthalmologist and was immediately advised to seek a second opinion with an expert. She was taken to a local provincial hospital, Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital and then referred to the Children’s hospital in Bangkok.

At Children’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with Peter’s Anomaly and was advised to have a prosthetic eye on the right side. To observe the left eye she would need to wear regular, protective glasses. Her next appointment with the specialist at Children’s Hospital was scheduled for 27/10/2023. Hopefully, her left eye can be saved so that she can see with this eye for the rest of her life. 

Latest Visit in December 2023

December 2022:

Momo Cat consulted with Dr. Kalayanee Rojanaporn a senior eye consultant at Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok. With a deteriorating retina, defective lens and cornea deformity she was scheduled for an invasive investigation under general anesthesia which included a surgical repair. She was diagnosed with a congenital ocular anomaly, glaucoma, cataract on the left eye, left optic disc injury due to the abnormal light reflection on the back of her eye, the retina and anterior staphyloma with total vision loss on the right eye

August 2023:

Recently She has followed up with her eye specialist at Rutnin Hospital, the specialist has noticed progression of her cataract and surgery was planned for lens replacement with potential more surgery if needed. According to the specialist it will not be an easy surgery, failure and complication is highly expected, she could be blind in the worst scenario.  But consider the progression, the risk has to be taken.

  • Cataract Surgery (Plan on September 2023)
  • There should be further treatment due to multiple complication conditions. Retina, iris and cornea transplant.

September 2023:

Baby Quatro recently had eye surgery at Rutnin Hospital. Although several issues were addressed during the operation, the surgery was successful, and she handled the procedure remarkably well. She has since been discharged and is scheduled for a follow-up within a week. Currently, she is under the diligent care of Catherine at the Bamboo School.

September 2023 (update 2)

After surgery on 10/9/23, baby Quatro has been doing well and following the specialist’s instructions. She had a follow-up on 16/9/2023 with the specialist. According to him, after examination, her retina showed improvement and her vision is better. While a major surgery was performed, minor surgeries might be needed in the future. If problems arise, we will have to wait and see. It’s good news that the surgery was successful and she has reasonably good vision. We hope this continues forever.

The next step is for her to return and see the eye specialist on 14/10/2023.

December 2023

Three months post-surgery, her follow-up appointment with Dr. Duangnet included a thorough eye and retina examination. The results were highly encouraging, showing excellent vision and remarkable recovery. Dr. Duangnet expressed strong confidence in the stability of her eye health, anticipating no further deterioration over time. This news was met with a collective sigh of relief and profound gratitude. For now, semi-annual check-ups are scheduled to monitor her progress. While her right eye remains blinded, any cosmetic interventions, such as the placement of an artificial eye globe, are deferred until she’s older and if cosmetic concerns arise.

June 2024

Follow up with good feedback, no further deterioration of the retina, she needs to follow up every 6 months then every year. Her right eye (total vision loss, blind) cosmetic surgery is suggested if she grows up, this is for cosmetic reasons only”

Quatro’s Outlook

Despite the challenges from her past, including abandonment and vision issues, Quatro has thrived both academically and socially. She is a bright student at a Thai school, achieving good grades. Beyond her studies, Quatro is known for her infectious smile and amiable nature. She’s a talented singer and impressively speaks three languages: Thai, Karen, and English.

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