Instructions for residents in Hua Hin who test Covid-19 positive

Hua Hin, March 30th 2022

  • If you have tested positive by antigen (self) test or PCR test you need to self-isolate and contact the authorities (if the test is done at Be Well we will do that for you, you will stay at home and await instructions from the Hua Hin hospital for the timing of a re-test). The formal government instruction is to call one of the support phone numbers (National Health Security office at 1330, The Social Security System at 1506 or the alarm hotline 1668). However, we recommend you go to the Hua Hin Hospital (don’t call them as they are very busy) with your proof of the positive test. They have a special tent for tests outside (open from 8am to 11pm daily). There they will do a re-test. If the re-test is also positive you need to stay quarantined.
  • If you have no or only mild symptoms and have a living space where you can isolate from others, you can quarantine at home. If you do not have adequate facilities, you should quarantine in a hospital or government approved quarantine facility (e.g. ‘hospitel’).

Note: Be Well Members isolating at home can always call Be Well for advice and/or medication.

  • If you are self-isolating at home, you need to stay in quarantine at least 10 days.  For information about self isolating at home, please click this LINK.  You don’t need a test after the 10 days (even if you opt to test and the test is positive you can de-isolate since the virus is no longer transmissible)
  • If you have severe symptoms, you will be admitted in a government hospital. You could opt to go to a private hospital at your own cost.
  • People at risk (e.g. housemates) should also quarantine and do a PCR test 7 days after the last contact with the COVID patient.
  • Be Well has outdoor COVID test (antigen and PCR) facilities at the Banyan clinic. Please call for an appointment, do not enter the clinic itself, wear a mask and keep 2 meters distance of other people.

If you wish to contact us or to book a test, click HERE