Jerome Somaflhou

Podiatrist & Posturologist

Jérôme Somaflhou is a podiatrist and a posturologist graduated from the Ecole Européenne de Pédicurie Podologie in Brussels in 2015. After graduation he established his own clinic in Brussels. In 2018 Jérôme decided to continue his career in Thailand.

Jérôme is a specialist in the care of feet.

As a podiatrist Jerome provides medical care for people with foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. He assesses illnesses and treats injuries involving the lower extremities. If and when required, treatments are executed jointly with, or under supervision of, our family doctors. Typical examples are treatment of fungus, removal of ingrown nails, corns, calluses and cracks.

As a posturologist, Jérôme examines the causes of medical conditions linked to a wrong systematic body position.

Abnormal posture can be associated with the development and progression of many conditions and injuries. Conditions may be caused from increased muscle activity and disc injury, scoliosis, work lifting injuries or office syndrome, sports injuries, foot and back pain, neck pain and headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, shoulder and ankle injuries.

A careful examination of the patient’s posture using tools such as measurement devices and a stabilometric platform is performed. Jérôme will assess the causes of current or potential medical conditions and recommend a therapy. Treatment recommendations may include manual therapies or physiotherapy, exercise programs, &/or the prescription of insoles.

Jérôme designs and custom makes insoles in his own workshop.

Podiatry & Posturologist Pricelist

Fees & ServicesStandardMember
Medical Pedicure 60 MinutesTHB 1700THB 1500
Posture TherapyTHB 2700THB 2500
Posture Therapy Follow Up ConsultationTHB 2700THB 2500
Custom Made InsolesTHB 7000THB 6500

Please note that our cancellation policy applies to these appointments. (for details see here)

Jérôme is visiting the BelVida Estates clinic every Monday with appointments available from 10am to 4pm from Sept. 11th onwards. 

Appointments can be made on other days by special request.

For enquiries or to reserve an appointment, please call the clinic on 02 111 6644 or by email.