Losing to Win! – Medical Exercise Program

Be Well and True Arena have joined forces to offer a weight loss program built around medical supervision and professional support, so that you can lose weight safely and maintain long term weight-loss through dietary and behavioural change.

Our program has three core elements:

• Medical Supervision

• Personalised Exercise Plan

• Professional Monitoring

Medical Supervision

Each program begins with an assessment by three professionals. A doctor will check for medical conditions that could be causing weight gain as well as complications that can arise from being overweight. A major focus of this evaluation is to look for any medical conditions that might make an exercise program unsafe.

Consultation with a Be Well dietician will explore the nutritional aspects of weight-loss, investigate and advise on any undesirable aspects of your current approach to nutrition and then guide you on dietary choices and meal planning.

A certified fitness professional from True Arena will assess your initial exercise status and determine any limitations and aspects of physical fitness that need special attention.

Based on their assessments, these three professionals will recommend an exercise and dietary schedule for you to follow, taking into consideration your aims and preferences. Goal setting objectives and an overall management plan will be agreed with you, including a schedule for progress reviews.

Personalised Exercise Plan

True Arena’s certified fitness trainers will assist and supervise your personal exercise plan every step of the way at the True Arena gym, swimming pool and/or running track.

Professional Monitoring

The Be Well medical staff will receive progress feedback from the fitness trainers at True Arena Hua Hin. Follow up consultations with the doctor and dietician will take place in accordance with your agreed schedule, assessing your progress towards the goals set out at the initial meeting and offering an opportunity for further coaching and a chance to ask any questions or raise concerns.

Losing to WIN! is an extendable 12 week program geared towards long-term success rather than the quick-fix approach. Each program features a personalised diet and fitness plan tailored to suit your needs and based on an initial assessment by a doctor, a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer.

Please email or contact us by telephone to find out more.

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