Starting a journey with a life coach can be about finding a passion and purpose in your life. It can also be that you feel ‘stuck’ and you just need someone to listen to you, walk with you and help you clear the way to achieve your goals. Here is where a life coach steps in.

A life coach is a sounding board and partner who assists and supports individuals going through a new chapter in their life and is requiring redirection. The wish for redirection can be triggered by physical and/or mental conditions. The emotions or symptoms you experience could be a mix of anger, anxiety, loneliness and/or depression.

If you have concerns about relationships with a partner, colleagues, or a family member or you may feel alone or are struggling to see the road ahead, this is where a life coach can inspire you to get back on track.  A life coach is about helping you to navigate through to a positive outcome.

The Be Well Life Coach will assess your needs and help you to gain clarity and focus in reaching your goals. In some circumstances, addressing past events and learning to “let go” is critical to setting up a new pathway.

A personalized plan is developed which includes the specific support you need throughout the coaching process.

Usually, the solution requires a combination of changes in daily habits, structure and routines (e.g. diet, hobbies, movement, work) and building new skills (e.g. breathing, exercising). The reset could be for an individual, an adult or a child, a couple or a family.

Esther Rietberg-Munsterman

Be Well Life Coach

With over 20 years of expat and life experience from Berlin to the Netherlands, Ho Chi Minh to Budapest, Suzhou in China to Hua Hin, Thailand, Esther describes herself as a mother and a family person who is passionate about coaching people towards new and happy healthy life patterns.

Fluent in Dutch, English and German, Esther has worked with people to re-establish their life path and to have the confidence to move forward with clear goals. Esther also specializes in family unit counselling and in helping children with their physical and mental development. Esther works with couples experiencing difficulties in their current partnership to gain new insights about each other and improve their relationships by setting goals.

Esther, whilst studying Psychology and Trauma Healing, Methodology and Didactics, immerses herself within the expat community in each country she has lived in.  This in turn has given her insights and skills to be able to communicate with people from differing cultures and backgrounds.

As a professional singer, Esther is a vocal coach, helping people to genuinely express themselves and make a positive impact on others. This is one of her greatest joys.

To see Esther’s full life journey and experience, please click HERE.

Be Well Life Coach

The Coaching Sessions

Esther starts with an “initial session” to become familiar with the client(s) and their objectives. For the client, the initial or first session is a chance to understand Esther’s approach to ensure there is a personal chemistry and a trust to deliver the desired goals.

A program is then developed which usually includes regular coaching sessions and various assignments where the client may need to do a personal journal and goal setting activities.

The duration of a program typically takes a few months until the desired goal has been achieved with the program being reviewed and adapted regularly.

The Be Well Life Coach is supported by the team of medical professionals at Be Well which includes an acupuncturist, dietician, family doctors, physiotherapists and psychologist, if and when needed for assessment and/or treatment.

Life Coaching Pricelist

Sessions & FeesStandardMembers
Individual Initial Session (90 mins)THB 3600THB 3300
Individual Sessions (60 mins)THB 2400THB 2100
Individual 5 Session Package (60 mins)THB 10000THB 9000
Couples Initial & Ongoing Sessions (90 mins)THB 3900THB 3600
Couples 5 Session Package (90 mins)THB 17000THB 16000
Family Initial & Ongoing Sessions (90 mins)THB 4000THB 3700
Family 5 Session Package (90 mins)THB 18000THB 17000

Please note that our cancellation policy applies to these appointments. (for details see here)

Sessions are held at both the Banyan Resort & Black Mountain Clinics and on-line appointments are also available.

Home visitations are available with a surcharge of THB 300 for territory 1 and THB 500 for territory 2 being applied to each session.

Esther conducts breathing and vocal expression in a specialized room at the Black Mountain Clinic.

Appointments are available: Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm.

To make an appointment or to seek further information, you can call us on 02 111 6644 or by email.