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Tropical Thailand sees cases of influenza (‘flu’) all year round but usually the peak activity is during the rainy season, from May to September. This mirrors the flu season of Southern Hemisphere countries, leading to confusion over when to take a flu vaccine in Thailand and which one to take: the Northern Hemisphere vaccine or the Southern Hemisphere version?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation for Thailand is to use the Southern Hemisphere vaccine and to begin a vaccination programme in April each year.

This year the WHO recommends that we use the quadrivalent Southern Hemisphere influenza vaccine containing the following four strains of virus:

This vaccine has two changes from the vaccine used in the Northern Hemisphere winter season of 2019/20.

We have the latest recommended vaccine available at our clinic.

The price for Be Well Members is:

600 Baht (750 Baht for non-Members)

Please contact us by mail (info@bewell.co.th) or phone (02-1116644) to reserve a vaccination.

Note: the vaccine against flu virus does not protect against coronavirus/Covid-19.

Pneumonia Vaccine:

Vaccination against pneumonia with PPV-23 vaccine is recommended for all people over the age of 60.

The prices for the vaccine is 1300 Baht (members) and 1650 Baht (non-members)

Note: the PPV-23 vaccine does not protect against coronavirus/Covid-19.

For more information see our blog post Pneumonia Vaccine

Other vaccines available:

  1. Tetanus vaccine: 300 Baht (400 Baht for non-members)
  2. Rabies Vaccine: 700 Baht (900 Baht for non-members)
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine: 750 Baht (900 Baht for non-members)
  4. Varicella/Chickenpox: 1400 Baht (1750 Baht for non-members)

Background  information: 

Influenza (‘flu’) is a contagious respiratory infection caused by several strains of influenza virus. It is estimated by the WHO that each year flu causes 3 to 5 million severe infections and around half a million deaths worldwide; averaged out over a year that is more than 1,000 deaths per day.

The best way to prevent flu is to take the vaccine each year and to follow good hand sanitation measures such as avoiding touching your face, washing your hands often, maintaining a safe (1 metre) distance from people who are ill, not eating food with your hands, etc.

Persons recommended to take the vaccine are those who are most at risk from getting severe illness from the flu virus, ie:

  • those aged 60 years and above
  • people of any age with underlying health conditions *
  • people of any age with weakened immune systems **
  • pregnant women

The vaccine is not recommended if you have ever had a neurological condition called Guillain- Barre Syndrome or if you have ever had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine of any kind. In these instances? we advise that you discuss the matter with a healthcare provider.

People who are allergic to eggs may still take the vaccine if the allergic reaction was a only skin rash but again this should be carefully discussed with a healthcare provider first.

* especially conditions such as kidney or liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and other lung diseases
** such as cancer patients, people taking steroids or other immunosuppressing medications, HIV patients

If you are unsure whether you should get the vaccine or not then please phone us for individual advice.