Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Information

We are also organising the Gastro Health Bus Tour to Samitivej Hospital, for members wishing to do a Colonoscopy and/or an Upper GI Endoscopy. Samitivej has given us very competitive pricing for these 2 tests as listed below.

Our Be Well luxury SUV is scheduled to take members, free of charge to Bangkok.  Please click this HERE for more information.

Once you have confirmed your booking, we will send you the necessary information and instructions for bowel preparation.

If you would like to join or get more information, please email us by clicking HERE

GastroscopyTHB 15000Moderate (IV Midazolam)
ColonoscopyTHB 23500Moderate (IV Midazolam)
Gastroscopy+ColonoscopyTHB 34500Moderate (IV Midazolam)
GastroscopyTHB 20000Deep (IV Diprivan)
ColonoscopyTHB 30500Deep (IV Diprivan)
Gastroscopy+ColonoscopyTHB 45500Deep (IV Diprivan)

The package price includes a medical assessment and investigation before the procedure:

  • Doctor Examination
  • CBC
  • FBS
  • Creatinine
  • EKG
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Electrolyte
  • ALT
Extra Fees
Small PolypectomyTHB 4000/polypPolyp size <1cm diameter
Large PolypectomyTHB 14000/polypPolyp size >1cm diameter
H.Pylori TestTHB 3100/polypIn case of chronic gastritis


  1. Patients with coronary heart disease will need to do a Echocardiogram which can be done at Be Well for 4200 THB
  2. This package includes the formula for bowel preparation
  3. This package does not include a biopsy or other examination fees
  4. This package does not include the cost of the medication
  5. There is no refunds if you cancel your booking
  6. This offer is only applicable to Be Well Members
  7. You can not drive after the test