Children in today’s world are more challenged to spend enough time working on their physical fitness. Internet games and on-line schooling cause children to spend a lot of time, maybe too much, behind a computer.

Notably children within the age of 8 – 15 years, going through their growth spurt, need to give attention to their physical development. The physiotherapists at Be Well Medical Center, supported by our doctors, have developed a fitness clinic to help children understand their body, the importance of exercising and improving strength and mobility. General movement and strength training can support the body’s growth and development and in-turn can instill great fitness habits at an early age. We want to make the sessions fun and engaging however having a structured plan ensures we focus on technique and body safety.

Mobility, Flexibility & Strength Clinics

Our fitness clinic starts with the physiotherapist assessing the whole body and how it moves and functions. This then determines which area is needing to be a focus whether that would be mobility or flexibility &/or strengthening. Weight and measurements are taken then objectives are then set via a fitness and activity plan.

These fitness sessions are great for those children who need to start a fitness routine or those wanting to add to their regular fitness or sports schedule. Good movement and flexibility are important for children wanting to excel at sport.

The fitness clinics, comprising of groups no larger than 3 people, are closely supervised by the physiotherapists to ensure that the exercises are done correctly and to not aggravate an existing body issue.

We believe children between the ages of 8 to 15 years, male and female are going to benefit from attending these fitness clinics. Our physiotherapists will also provide instructions for ‘home exercising’ in between attending the clinics.

Clinic Structure
Kids Fitness
15 mins30 mins15 mins
Reduces muscle soreness and decreases the risk of injuryPerformanceRecovers the body to its pre-exercise blood pressure and heart rate
For Each Clinic
  1. Must come wearing lightweight training clothes and runners.
  2. Fueled up ready to go: not hungry or overfull but have eaten sufficient food during the day, preferably carbs, to give the body energy.
  3. The sessions are done in our air-conditioned fitness and rehabilitation room but we do encourage all children to bring water and a towel.
Clinic Times & Fees

Fitness Sessions will be held

Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 3pm

After School:  4 pm-6pm

The initial physical assessment by our Physiotherapist: THB 600

Fitness Sessions: THB 300


To for all enquiries or to book a session, please call us on 02 111 66 44  or email us by clicking HERE.