In view of the continuous threat of Covid-19 virus infections in Hua Hin, the Be Well medical team would like to urge members to strictly follow the safety protocols we have outlined below when visiting the clinic.  We have also taken measures to ensure we create a virus safe environment for our patients and visitors, the Be Well medical team and visiting specialists. These clinic safety measures have also been outlined below.

Safety Measures At The Clinic
We have created a virus safe environment by taking the following measures:
  • All staff members have received two vaccinations and are regularly tested.
  • All relevant surfaces within the clinic are cleaned regularly with disinfectants and once a week a “deep clean” is carried out, inside and external areas, by a professional agency.
  • In the waiting room we have installed a UVA LED photocatalytic air purification system.  (
  • Our staff members wear masks at all times and, if possible, face shields when having close contact with patients.
  • Plastic window shields have been installed at the reception desk and in consultation rooms.
  • An outside area has been created for Covid testing and examination of “high-risk” patients.
  • Medical staff wear protective clothing for Covid testing, examination/treatment of “high-risk” patients and home visitation of Covid & “high risk” patients.
Patient & Visitor Protocols
We expect patients and visitors to adhere to the following protocols:
  • Patients who are Covid-19 positive or are “high-risk” (have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in recent close contact with a person who had Covid-19) should not visit the clinic unannounced. They need to firstly call for instructions and/or an appointment for a test. If an appointment is made these patients should wait outside, keep 1.5m distance from other people and wait for further instructions from our medical team.

     Please Note: Patients who are confirmed Covid-19 positive should not visit the clinic and will be consulted/ treated/ observed remotely or by home visitation.

  • “High-risk” patients will firstly have to undergo Covid-19 Antigen Rapid test before receiving treatment in the clinic.
  • When entering the clinic all patients and visitors should check their temperature and clean their hands with the available hand gels or in the washrooms.
  • Inside the building or in the outside waiting and Covid-19 testing areas, patients and visitors should wear masks at all times and keep 1.5m distance from other people.
  • Patients and visitors using the coffee machine or water dispenser should clean their hands before using the devices and drink the beverages outside.
  • Patients should use the toilets for ‘urgencies’ only and clean the toilet seat and water tap with disinfectants after use.

By applying and adhering to the above measures and protocols, we are confident our clinic will offer a safe environment for your medical care.

Self-evidently, we also advise you to take the described hygiene measures when visiting other public places.