Hua Hin, February 16th, 2020

Information about the coronavirus (update)

COVID-19, the official name for the novel coronavirus continues to be a serious public health concern and a major news item around the world. A recent encouraging sign has been the general reduction in new cases being reported each day (ie those confirmed by laboratory testing), both within and outside of China. The cruise ship docked in Japan has been the single, notable exception to this.

Currently the fatality rate associated with the virus has been less than 0.3% around the world, although in China the virus appears to have been much more severe, with around 3% of proven cases dying.

Within Thailand, 33 laboratory-proven cases have so far been identified, with 11 of those people having fully recovered. No one has died, one person is reported as being in a ‘serious’ condition and 21 others continue to receive treatment. To date, only 6 people are believed to have caught the infection whilst in this country.

It is still too soon to say whether the screening and quarantining policies in place around the world will successfully prevent a global outbreak. Until the picture becomes clearer we recommend that you continue to follow enhanced sanitation precautions, namely:

• increase hand washing • don’t touch your own face without first washing your hands • stay 1-2 meters away from any person who appears to be unwell • get enough sleep and rest; eat healthily to maximise your resistance to infection • stay at home if you have symptoms and telephone your doctor for advice
A facemask should be worn by anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness or additional risk factors. For those with no symptoms, wearing a facemask can remind that person not to touch their own face and also serves as a visual reminder to everyone else that this is a time of increased risk and that attention to personal hygiene should be increased.

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