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Baby Uno: The Back Story

On the 27 April 2020, a little boy was born in Mynamar to parents of Karen descent. Baby Uno was born without an anus and his bowel and bladder functionality was not correct. He was missing one of his kidneys and his heart is on the right side of his chest and has a hole in the two upper chambers. This causes his blood to pump incorrectly.

These multiple medical issues diagnosed as VACTERL Association Syndrome.  This syndrome is a birth defect that effects different systems of the body, including the kidneys and heart, intestine, spine and malformations in the anal canal. The outlook for babies born with VACTERL can be good if they can have the necessary surgeries to ensure normal body development and functionality.

He had his first emergency surgery in Myanmar two days after he was born; a Transverse Loop Colostomy, to correct his bowel function.  The hospital, however, could no longer treat baby Uno and his parents had to return to their village in the jungle. His surgical site got infected, his condition deteriorated and he needed urgent treatment to save his life. Being of Karen descent, however, no hospital wanted to treat him, nor did his parents have the money to help him. His parents made the difficult decision to seek support in Thailand to save his life, making the uncertain journey to the Thai border at Bong Ti, in the Province of Kanchanaburi.

Bong Ti’s border police, understanding the dire situation, suggested a person in Thailand that looks after children in need, regardless of nationality. The parents handed Baby Uno over, trusting that their boy would be cared for and receive the surgery he so desperately needs to save his life. The founder of the Bamboo School in Kanchanaburi, Mrs. Catharine Riley-Bryan, locally known as Momo Cat (which means mother cat), became Baby Uno’s carer. On the 8th of May, a day after arriving in Thailand, he was rushed to the Mission Hospital in Bangkok where he had emergency surgery due to an infected stoma.

In September 2020, baby Uno was in surgery again at Siriraj Hospital, this time to construct an anus. This 12 hour operation was successful, however he will need ongoing rehabilitation at Phalhon Hospital in Kanchanaburi to ensure his anus is functioning correctly.

August 2022:

Bay Uno is now 2 years and 3 months old.

Since his anal reconstruction surgery, his bowel movements are normal, with no complications. His recent heart echocardiogram in June 2022 at Children’s hospital in Bangkok, showed a closed patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Uno no longer needs heart monitoring. Due to a single kidney Nephrologist, monitoring must be continued every 3 months until he is fully developed.

The outlook for Uno is very positive. From a boy with many health issues to now, he is physically fit and developed for a typical infant for his age.

May 2022:

The BWCCF went back to the Bamboo School and we are pleased to report that Uno has shown vast improvement after a number of surgeries.

Right after his last surgery in November 2021, to reconstruct an anus, it was a challenge for Uno to use his new anus as it was unfamiliar and painful. He is still wearing a diaper however he can now defecate normally and is continuing to be potty trained at the Bamboo School.  The small whole in his heart has closed over, as per the latest echocardiogram, and his single kidney continues to function as normal.

February 2022:

The BWCCF visited the Bamboo School to see how Uno was progressing.

Uno is now a toddler and was happily walking around. The result of his operation has been good and the scar from his former stoma is the only thing that reminds you of his bad start. The hole between the ventricles is closing spontaneously and his only kidney is working well.

November 2021:

The third surgery was done when Uno was 1 year and 7 months old. The surgery was to make an anus and connect it to the colon so that he doesn’t have to defecate through his stomach wall.

The outcome of the surgery has been good with his anus functioning very well. The Patent Ductus Arteriosus, which is the opening between the 2 major blood vessels is getting smaller however this will need to be controlled on a yearly basis.

April 2021:

Uno is now almost a year old and he has developed well, being now able to stand and walk on his own. He is a lively little boy and is socialising like any 1 year old should be. However, Uno is now due for another major surgery to connect the colon to the reconstructed anus. The post op outlook is that he will need ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation at Phalhon Hospital in Kanchanaburi.  This can be a challenging surgery due to multiple organ defects, however he has put on the necessary weight that was required to help ensure the surgery is a success.

How you can help?

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