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Trio: The Back Story

Ker Ser Paw is a Karen girl from Karen State.  Born 5th of June 2011, Ker Ser Paw is the oldest of 4 children in her family. The family struggling to survive live on the border of Myanmar and Thailand, with the only source of income being that they cut and sell trees in Myanmar.

Early in March 2022, the Myanmar military Junta came back to attack Ker Ser Paw’s village.  Everyone needed to flee to save their lives.  As Ker Ser Paw was running she fell and fractured her left wrist.

Being deep in the jungle where there are no health care centers, the fracture was self-managed by warm compresses and bandaged with piece cloth without a proper splint.  She struggled through the pain.  The fractured bones partially mended in an awkward position which caused a malfunction in her wrist.

Due to the political conditions along the border she has not been able to receive any treatment via a hospital or clinic.  She eventually arrived with many other children seeking refuge at Bongti border checkpoint at Saiyok, Kanchanaburi province in Thailand.  Catherine Riley from the Bamboo School took in these children.

During the routine health check, it was noticed that Ker Ser Paw had bruising on her left wrist.  She was then taken to the closest district hospital in Saiyok and immediately was referred to the provincial hospital in Kanchanaburi.  The surgery was deemed to be too complicated for this hospital.  She was advised to go to a Pediatric hand Orthopedic surgeon at a tertiary hospital in Bangkok.  This complicated surgery required tertiary care.

An application for support was sent to the Be Well Child Care Foundation and was immediately approved.  The surgery was scheduled for the 12th of May.

August 2022:

Trio had a complicated deformed left distal radius and ulnar that had healed incorrectly following a accident.

The Be Well Child Care foundation was able to support her with the repair surgery at the Bangkok Mission Hospital in May 2022. After major surgery to repair her wrist, she has been back regularly for follow visits with the orthopedic surgeon. The radius and ulnar have healed well and with no complications. On her last visit, the surgical pins were removed and the bone was properly aligned. Trio now has full use of her hand.

She will no longer need medical attention or follow-up.

23 May 2022:

Two weeks after the surgery, Ker Ser Paw’s wrist is in good shape.

There is no more deformity with proper bone alignment.

Her wrist and foreman has normal functionality now and this should continue in the future. She will need a follow up appointment in 30 days to check on the healing progress.



12 May 2022

Ker Ser Paw was operated on at the Mission Hospital in Bangkok to repair the broken left distal ulnar and radius.  This was causing the wrist to malfunction due to angulation.

How you can help?

All donations are most welcome, with amounts over THB 5000 to receive a Be Well Child Care Foundation Polo Shirt to show our appreciation.  The BWCCF will be paying the hospital fees directly.

If you would like to help any of our children you can transfer your donation into the bank account listed below or make a Credit Card or cash donation at the clinic.

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