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Duo: The Back Story

Duo, of Karen descent, was born in April 2017. Early in 2021, his parents noticed that he had a puffy face, swollen legs and he was always tired and unable to urinate. Seeking help, his parents came from their jungle home in Myanmar to the Thailand border. Karen Hill Tribes living in a Karen State in Myanmar have minimal to no access to health care.  People at the border then guided them to the Bamboo School Orphanage where they met Mrs. Catharine Riley-Bryan, known locally as Momo Cat.  By this time, Duo was extremely swollen and very ill. Momo Cat rushed Duo to Saiyok Hospital, the nearest district hospital, which is 30km away from the border. He was immediately transferred to Pahol Hospital in Kanchanburi due to his condition. Duo was initially diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, which is a kidney disease where large amounts of protein are leaked into the urine.

Pahol hospital, seeking further help and with a letter of referral, transferred Duo to the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. He was seen by the Pediatrics Nephrologist there, where a full diagnosis was made and he was scheduled for an immediate kidney biopsy.

This situation is made more difficult as Duo’s parents cannot speak Thai. Momo Cat enlisted Eliku, an older child at the orphanage, who can translate between the doctors and Duo’s parents.

Duo’s Outlook

This very little boy, having a very complicated kidney problem, no identity in Thailand or medical insurance, was facing a major challenge seeking medical help here. Firstly he needed a diagnosis from the kidney biopsy so his treatment can begin. With the right treatment and ongoing medication, Duo’s outlook and ability to live normally may be good.

Duo continues to live at the Bamboo School Orphanage with Momo Cat. He is not able to go home to his family in the jungle due to his condition and the need to be close to a hospital in case of an emergency. Duo needs to have regular medication and his salt free diet is needing to be fully supervised to ensure he gets enough nutrition, along with this, his fluid intake needs to be measured and controlled.

August 2022:

Duo’s progress has been good since he has been on a strict diet and medication.

His parents took him home to the Myanmar border. However, they have been unable to return to Thailand due to the military conflict in Myanmar.

His chronic kidney disease will be depended on prolonged corticosteroid medication. More follow-up appointments with a Nephrologist will be needed.



February 2022:

The BWCCF visited the Bamboo School to see how Duo was progressing.

Duo, who is now diagnosed with FSGS:Focal Segmental Gromerulo Sclerosis. Due to his medication and being on a strict diet, there is no more fluid accumulation and he is now behaving and living like other children of his own age.

His prognosis is still difficult to determine as need the need for a kidney transplant may still be necessary in due course.



November 2021

Duo has had a kidney biopsy and has been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome which is a disorder that causes the body to pass too much protein in your urine. His medical treatment has begun and he is taking Immunosuppressants for his condition.

He must be on a strict nephrotic diet and he needs frequent medical follow up as his medication will need frequent adjustments.  In the future he may need a kidney transplant.

Dr. Mowae closely oversees Duo’s condition and diet to ensure he is heading in the right direction.


How you can help?

All donations are most welcome, with amounts over THB 5000 to receive a Be Well Child Care Foundation Polo Shirt to show our appreciation.  The BWCCF will be paying the hospital fees directly.

If you would like to help Duo or other children you can transfer your donation into the bank account listed below or make a Credit Card or cash donation at the clinic.

Bank : Kasikorn Bank

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Account number : 131-1-48292-7