Medical History: 

A two years and seven months old boy Cho Gay Moo or (Baby Cinco) was born on 11/11/2020 to Karen parents Mrs. Mu Gi Naw and Mr. Saw Eh Klo. Baby Cinco family belong to Karen hill tribe who are living in a small village called PaTaw which is located along the southern border between Myanmar and Thailand.

Baby Cinco was born with a congenital disorder called Hirschsprung disease (also called congenital aganglionic megacolon) this means his intestinal nerve cells (ganglion cells) did not develop properly which lead to delaying the movement of stool through the intestines. This means whatever he eats could not exit his body and could cause a major problem if not treated early or treated properly.  

He was born in the jungle in a non-hospital setting by a local midwife. At about two months old (2/1/2021) his parents noticed jaundice and extended abdominal and no proper anus opening which prompted them to seek help at a local hospital (Dawei Hospital) in Myanmar for emergencies. An emergency operation was done to evacuate all the stool and a colostomy was created for regular bowel movement. This meant his feces will not exit through his anus but through his stomach wall. 

At the age of 1-year-old a rectal biopsy was done in a tertiary hospital in Yangon, Myanmar on the 6th of December 2021 which showed no ganglions and no subcutaneous nerve ending, this confirmed the diagnosis of Hirschsprung Disease. His parents were advised to further investigations and treatments at a tertiary health care center. Further and more involving surgical procedures were needed but his parents could not afford the procedure so they brought him back to the village and waited for a miracle to happen. His parents do not know what to do or where to go for help so they wait and wait. 

With the advance of social media number of remotely trained health workers along the border have followed Dr.Mowae Apisuttipanya (GP at Bewell Medical Center and a member of Bewell Child Care Foundation) on social media platforms and they have reached out to him for help. 

Through the arrangement of Bewell Child Care Foundation and the local health workers, Baby Cinco was brought to Thailand to seek health care opportunities. 

Bewell Childcare Foundation is working closely with Bamboo School Child refuge center (Operated under the supervision of Mrs. Catherine Riley Bryan or known as Mom Cat) in Kanchanaburi which is an amazing children’s care center. So Baby Cincois accommodated there while seeking his medical treatment. 

Currently, baby Cinco is still living with no proper defecation through his anus but with an S-colostomy. The colostomy bag is still working and the process of seeking help at the Thai government hospital. 

On the 12th of June 2023, he was taken to Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Kanchanaburi province which he initially saw by the doctor and referred to a pediatrician surgeon for further management. On 14/6/2023 He was seen by a pediatrician surgeon and the treatment plan has been established. The surgeon suggested that he need a series of surgical procedures and financial expenses expected by the hospital for being a Karen hill tribe with no Identity and no health insurance. 

Bewell Child Care Foundation has been blessed by very generous individuals and organizations in the past to make changes and bring hope to many children, especially the one with a major health issue like Baby Cinco who deserve a better future. Your generosity will be appreciated.


  • Surgery is indicated for removal of the nonfunction colon and regular bowel movement training post surgery is suggested.
  • Support patient with basic medical equipment needed
    • Colostomy bag
    • Food and care taker at Bamboo school while waiting for surgery and post surgical care.
    • Transportation expenses
    • Expenses during admission.
Update on Charity Case

Timeline of Events for Baby Cinco's Case

Baby Cinco and his mother, after spending over 10 months with Mam Catherine Riley Bryan, are yet to see him fit for surgery. His mother wishes to move back to Ratchaburi, closer to their family. In agreement with Catherine and Baby Cinco's parents, Dr. Mowae Apisuttipanya arranged for his transfer to Bilay House Orphanage in Suanpueng, Ratchaburi. Currently, Baby Cinco is under the care of Bilay’s Home. Bewell Child Care Foundation continues to support his nutritional needs, basic medical requirements, and awaits the surgeon's assessment at the next appointment on 21/2/2024.
During a revisit to his specialist, it was determined that Baby Cinco was not yet ready for surgery due to anemia. The surgeon recommended nutritional booster therapy and scheduled another evaluation for 21/2/2024.
Baby Cinco was examined by a pediatric surgeon, who established a treatment plan involving a series of surgical procedures. The hospital estimated significant financial expenses due to Baby Cinco's status as a member of the Karen hill tribe, lacking an identity and health insurance.
Baby Cinco was initially brought to Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Kanchanaburi province, where he was seen by a doctor and subsequently referred to a pediatric surgeon for further management.
The Bewell Child Care Foundation expresses immense gratitude to the generous individuals and organizations who have supported their mission. Their contributions bring hope and necessary care to children with major health issues, like Baby Cinco, helping secure a brighter future for them.

How you can help?

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